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About next Grand Epic respawns!

Author: vercetti

Baium: Next spawn | hour: 20:00-20.30 arround, DATE: 21.10.2014
Antharas: Next spawn | hour: 19.45-20.15, DATE: 22.10.2014.
Valakas: Next spawn | hour: is 20.00-20.30, DATE: 27.10.2014.

Times are set in Server Time, you can find it in Alt+B -> Time.

[FINISHED] Tonight's Update 02.00-03.00 GMT+3 Downtime!

Author: vercetti

Greetings tonight 05.October from 02.00 till 03.00 AM GMT+3 we updating L2Tales to latest revision of our source.

New fixes + addons:

1. Antharas bug fix. (ANTHARAS Earring deleted from the abusers killed it with bug last time.)
2. Delusion Chamber will now be available ONLY for 1 CHAR per HWID (1char per PC)
3. Unlimit registration of clans in castles, before was 20 max clans and people abused it with bot clan registrations.
4. Secondary Password + Class change after restart bug fixed, now even if u have secondary password u can change class after character relog.
5. Added in Clan System option to add Clan Message for your clan.
6. NEW .report system for report the Bots, Use .report on a target that is farming and you think he is bot and punish him.
PUNISHMENTS: 1st time 900min JAIL, 2nd time 2700min JAIL, 3rd time 5000min JAIL, 4th time BAN + All his main characters banned from server.
7. LOGIN Fix for everyone, after next restart people couldnt log , will be able to login.

[FIXED] About lag issue.

Author: vercetti

Apologize for all the inconvenience we trying to findthe source the lag issues come, we working on it and today maybe server wont be very stable with restarts we will be making till we fix it, thanks for understand it it has been hard days for everyone in our team and we wont stop till we fix the issue thx.

EDIT: FIXED, Server runs smoothly now on 17.000 players online.

[FIXED] Server Machine Upgrade in progress.

Author: vercetti

Hello as the original server that we ordered before 2 days arrived JUST NOW, we will make this down time longer to install server in a new Dedicated server with more Cpu and RAM to fix the problems.

The lags are not coming from ddos but from so many players online and bad options in our dedicated server & bad configuration.

Server installation progress is started, will take 30-60 minutes and i will inform you here in how much time server will be online about. thanks

[FIXED] Downtime to change protection!

Author: vercetti

Hello strongly apologize for what happened today after grand opening, we took now a new protection that our developers are installing
so we put down the gameserver for few minutes.